Help us understand the impact of changes to prescribing

Help us understand the impact of changes to prescribing


Thank you for sharing your views on potential changes to the prescribing of medicines

West Leicestershire CCG wants to understand how people would be affected if they had to buy certain over the counter medicines, instead of requesting a prescription for some minor conditions. It also wants to understand the impact on people who buy specialised infant formula which can be prescribed for babies with reflux or lactose intolerance.

We launched a survey online in July and received an excellent response with people telling us about their experiences of accessing treatments for minor ailments such as hay fever, athlete’s foot and cold sores, which are treatable with medicines which many people already purchase without prescription from a pharmacy or supermarket. They also told us about Vitamin D supplements prescribed as a preventative measure and specialised infant formula.

We would like to thank everyone who participated.  We are now analysing all the information we received and we will ensure that the findings which will be in a report will be made available to you and publicly available on our website.  

The next step once a report of the findings is produced is for our Governing Board to carefully consider what people have told us before making a decision on any change to the prescribing of specific over the counter medicines.