July 2017

West Leicestershire commissioners officially ruled “outstanding”

21st July 2017

Health commissioners responsible for buying NHS services for the people of West Leicestershire have officially been recognised as “outstanding”.

NHS England, the national regulator, has published annual assurance ratings for all 207/9 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across the country. West Leicestershire CCG is one of only XX CCGs in the country to have received the highest possible rating.

Medicines available over the counter

18th July 2017

NHS West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) want to understand how people would be affected if they had to buy certain over the counter medicines, instead of requesting a prescription for some minor conditions.

Minor ailments, such as hay fever, athlete’s foot and mild eczema are treatable with medicines which can be purchased without prescription from a pharmacist. Local pharmacists or chemists are highly knowledgeable about a wide range of minor conditions and can offer patients advice about the best course of treatment.

As children finish school, make sure they stay safe this summer

14th July 2017

With schools across the county soon closing for the summer holidays, health professionals want to make sure all parents are well prepared for a safe summer.

Cuts, bruises and sunburn are all potential accidents which may occur, so it’s good to have essential over the counter medicines/treatments ready beforehand just in case anything happens.

Our statement on the amended Continuing Health Care - Settings of Care policy report

11th July 2017

A spokesperson from West Leicestershire CCG said “We support the key principle of updating the Continuing Health Care - Settings of Care policy to ensure the ongoing quality and safety of services delivered to patients, as well as making the most effective use of our resources. Following a detailed discussion of the report at our Governing Board meeting today, we have agreed to defer the decision to approve a final policy until early 2018.