Artwork vision of future Hinckley healthcare

Artwork vision of future Hinckley healthcare

5th March 2015

West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is inviting the residents of Hinckley and the surrounding area to view artwork created to interpret the answer to the question “What needs to happen so that community services in Hinckley support people to keep well and recover as fully as possible?”

Once they have viewed the artwork they will have the opportunity to add their feedback and let the CCG know if they agree with the answers.

This innovative approach has been taken to enable people to visualise the progression of health services, from where they are now, to a shared ambition for the future and offers bold steps as to how to get there.

The artwork was created by patients, carers, frontline staff and members of the public from the area, working with West Leicestershire CCG at two events in December. It represents a shared ambition for services in Hinckley and how the population would like to see them delivered in the future.

This shared vision was set in the context of the considerable consequences that an ageing population will have on services, particularly the increase in people with long term or chronic health conditions for which there are currently no cure, and in turn the impact this will have on planned care, community beds in hospitals and the future use of buildings.

Since October 2014 West Leicestershire CCG has held nearly a thousand conversations within communities in Hinckley and surrounding areas to find out about their current and desired experiences of healthcare and what matters most to them. These answers were analysed and the findings were shared with the attendees of the events, who used them to inform the shared vision which was subsequently created.

In order to share the vision which has been created and give people a chance to add their own thoughts to it, we will be holding events in Hinckley where people can come and talk to NHS members of staff who will be on hand to explain the vision further, and the story surrounding it.

The shared vision can be seen at
• Hinckley and District Hospital on 12, 18, and 23 of March
• Hinckley and Bosworth Hospital on 19 of March
• The Atkins Building on 16 of March.

The shared vision can be also be viewed at the West Leicestershire CCG website at , where there will be a further chance to comment on the vision, and the CCG are urging anyone with an interest in the future of healthcare in the area to come and watch the vision and let them know if they have anything to add to the work that has already been done. Visitors can also see the top line results of the research and find out more about the journey so far.