CCGs across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland awarded £800,000 to support delivery of diabetes services

CCGs across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland awarded £800,000 to support delivery of diabetes services

19th July 2017

Patients are set to benefit from an £800,000 cash injection awarded by NHS England to the three local CCGs to help standardise, improve and expand diabetes prevention and education services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The funding, which is part of the NHS England Transformation Fund, is to be used on supporting GP practices to monitor patients with diabetes in the community, help diabetes patients staying in hospital, and provide more structured diabetes education sessions for high risk patients.

A total of £383,000 has been put aside to focus on structured diabetes education to maximise the number of people receiving tailored education. The CCGs will focus on encouraging more young people aged 18-25 to take up diabetes education courses, as well as making available tailored services for women planning on becoming pregnant.

A further £217,000 has been allocated to support Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group, West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure GP practices are meeting NICE recommended targets to record and monitor blood sugar (glucose control), blood pressure and blood cholesterol in patients at risk of diabetes and those who already have a diagnosis to ensure all GP practices are working in the same way.

Meanwhile £214,559 will be used to expand the current Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nursing (DISN) service, funding a number of additional posts which will aim to deliver a standardised range of services across all three hospital sites as well as moving from a five working day week to a seven day service.

Some of the funding will go towards exploring new technologies to identify diabetes patients when they arrive in hospital and alert the inpatient team.

In addition the cash is to be used to support GP practices in the city and county in treating complex cases - including housebound patients, care home and nursing home residents, with care provided in the community rather than in hospital.

Dr Raj Than, GP Lead on Diabetes at Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group, speaking on behalf of the three local CCGs, said: “This funding is really great news for GP practices and patients across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. It means we can reduce the gap in the quality of service and diabetes support available across the local area. It will help us to ensure that a patient who lives in Braunstone will get the same service as someone who lives in Hinckley or Market Harborough.

“These improvements should further enforce the equality of care across the area as well as help to avoid inappropriate admissions to hospital. This is because people can be better cared for in the community. It also means their length of stay in hospital will be shorter as they will be monitored during their stay and tailored packages of care will be available in the community.”