Join us to improve quality and plan future healthcare

Join us to improve quality and plan future healthcare

6th November 2014

West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), who are the people that buy health services, is inviting everyone interested in health care services in Hinckley and surrounding area to work with them to design future healthcare services.

The CCG wants anyone interested in improving community services in Hinckley to help them plan a vision of great care, so that better, more person-centred care can be delivered to local people.

Dr Nick Willmott, a Hinckley GP and member of the CCG Board, said: “We have already started what is effectively a conversation with local people about what needs to happen to community health services, both to help people keep well and to recover as soon as possible when they are unwell. 

“By listening and understanding people’s experiences of care, whether they are patients, carers, family members or frontline members of staff, we can co-design better and more improved care.

“The next step is to hold co-design events where we will share with everyone what we have learnt so far around people’s experiences and what matters most to them. Our main focus at these events is to work together to develop a shared vision of what community health services in Hinckley could look like and the journey we will make to achieve that change.”

The CCG will be holding two events, one in the daytime and one in the evening to ensure everyone can attend.

The first event will be at Hinckley Golf Club on Tuesday 2 December from 1.30pm until 5.30pm, and the next will be at the same location on Monday 8 December from 7pm until 9pm. Light refreshments will be available.

Everyone is welcome to attend either one of the two events and improve quality and design great services for the population of Hinckley.

The events are expected to be popular so please register by calling 0116 295 4183, email: or visit and sign up on line.