Parents and older people targeted in new Choose Better guides

Parents and older people targeted in new Choose Better guides

30th April 2014

The youngest and oldest users of NHS services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are being targeted in two new Choose Better guides.

Professor Mayur Lakhani, GP and West Leicestershire CCG chair, said: “We hope families and older people will find these two new guides helpful in directing them to the right service at the right time.”

Parents Choose Better short film:

A video directing parents to the best place to get advice or medical help for their children has been produced and is available to view on the Choose Better website. It has been filmed as a chat with a busy mother-of-three, who talks about the common illnesses her children have had and where she went for help or advice. Please visit to view the short film.

Julia McGinley, a parent supporter at Netmums, commented: “It’s always a worry when your children are ill, so online health information and the NHS videos are really helpful to the busy parents on the Netmums website.

“They clearly explain the issues and, because they are written and delivered by health professionals, they are credible sources of information. It’s easy to find out what to do next and where to go for more information whatever time – day or night.” 

A guide to keeping healthy and happy in later life:

There is also a new guide available for older people called Choose Better ‘A guide to keeping healthy and happy in later life’, which gives specific advice on where to go for advice and how to keep well. It is available to download from the Choose Better website and is also being distributed through GP surgeries, pharmacies and Age UK.

Tony Donovan, executive director of Leicester Shire & Rutland Age UK, added: “The over-60s is the fastest-growing group in society and the guide is a great resource, providing a wealth of information and advice to help them stay fit and healthy in later life. We are pleased to support the Choose Better campaign by distributing the guide throughout our network of shops and centres across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.”

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