Public urged to stay safe during Leicester City Victory Parade

Public urged to stay safe during Leicester City Victory Parade

13th May 2016

Health leaders from the three CCGs across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are urging the public to stay safe during the Leicester City victory parade celebrations on 16 May.

Dr Avinashi Prasad, urgent care lead and assistant chair of Leicester City CCG, speaking on behalf of the three CCGs across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, said:

“Leicester City’s title win is one of the greatest sporting achievements in history and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the victory parade safely. During the parade, the city is going to be extremely busy, and it’s important that people celebrating remember to avoid A&E unless it’s a really serious or life threatening emergency. If someone has a minor injury, EMAS have arranged for their mobile treatment centre to be in the area, so we encourage people to go there for treatment if it’s not a serious injury.

“We would urge people who are not at the celebrations, particularly the old and frail and parents of 0-5s, to not put off seeking medical care because they perceive that the city and services will be too busy. Please don’t stay at home until you or your loved one becomes an emergency. The hubs in the city are still operational for GP appointments, and patients can call 111 if they’re not sure what to do.

“As last Sunday’s party celebrations showed many people can end up drinking more than is good for them on such a special occasion. It’s important to remember that alcohol can cause life threatening problems and people who drink too much are also far more likely to suffer serious injuries. If the weather is hot, everyone should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and apply sunscreen with a Factor of at least 15 and preferably higher. Use sunscreen to protect babies and children and ensure that they have plenty of fluids outside in the open air.”

Mark Gregory, General Manager for Leicestershire at East Midlands Ambulance Service said: “We are expecting to be extremely busy on Monday as everyone celebrates the amazing achievements of Leicester City Football Club.

“Last week we saw a significant increase in demand across Leicestershire. On Sunday 08 May we received 62 life threatening calls during the first 8 hours of the day, this is an increase of around 67%. Lots of these calls were people who had enjoyed themselves too much and let alcohol ruin their celebrations.

“We will have extra crews on duty to ensure we effectively support our patients but ask that people think before calling 999. Whether you are enjoying the celebrations or not the NHS is going to be extremely busy so please use the right service for you to ensure you get seen by the right person at the right time.”