Strengthening services to care homes

Strengthening services to care homes

19th June 2014

Care homes across West Leicestershire will take centre stage and welcome the public through their doors tomorrow (20 June) for National Care Home Open Day.

The CCG is supporting this campaign which aims to change perceptions of residential care by connecting residents with their local communities and reminding people that care homes are filled with unique, intelligent and charming characters, and are run by special people who really care.

Every neighbourhood has a care home nearby and on 20 June countless will welcome the public with an open invitation to spend time with residents, meet the staff and get involved in events and activities around the home.

The CCG has a specialist nursing support service that delivers training to nursing home and care home staff on a range of areas, including dementia, to develop the capability and confidence of the care home sector workforce.

Professor Mayur Lakhani, a GP and chair of West Leicestershire CCG, said: “National Care Home Open Day is part of a wider move to make the sector more transparent and accessible and is a great opportunity to highlight the excellent examples of good care in the community.

“The CCG is taking strong action to improve standards of medical care – for example ensuring continuity of care by allocating one GP practice to one care home and strengthening its service specification to ensure specialist support and training to support people with dementia, in collaboration with Leicestershire County Council.

“The care home sector has been marred by negative press associated with a small number of poorly run homes, however it is time to take a moment to say thank you and appreciate the good work of the care homes that are run to a high standard and who provide holistic compassionate care.”

The open day offers an ideal opportunity for members of the public to find out more about their local care home, to meet the dedicated staff and see for themselves what good care looks like.

Residents living in care homes get real enjoyment from visitors, so people are not only encouraged to take part in the day but also to consider becoming a volunteer in their local care home.

Visit to find your nearest participating care home. It’s free to attend, there’s no need to register and everyone is invited!