Tell us your views on health services for people with diabetes

Tell us your views on health services for people with diabetes

5th May 2015

People living in Leicester city, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) are being asked for their views to help improve services for patients with diabetes.

There are two diabetes services that people are invited to comment on: a patient education course for patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes in the last 12 months, which operates across LLR, and an Integrated Community Diabetes Service for patients in Leicester city.

The patient education course, known as DESMOND, is a free one or two-day course for people with type two diabetes living in LLR. It offers up to date information about diabetes to help patients make informed choices about their self-management, care and treatment. Patients also have the opportunity to meet others in the same situation and to explore factors relating to diabetes, such as food choices, activities, medication and safe fasting during Ramadan.

In addition to the diabetes care provided by GP practices there is also an Integrated Community Diabetes Service which operates in Leicester city, from eight community based clinics. The service is delivered by a diabetes specialist nurse and supports patients with complex diabetes, closer to home. This means that some patients with diabetes do not need to go to the hospital to get the care they need.

Professor Azhar Farooqi, chair of Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group and clinical lead for diabetes, said: “These services have been running for a few years and we are now reviewing how well they are working and what patients think of them. The feedback we receive will inform what services we commission for our patients, to make the most difference to them in managing their diabetes, every day of their lives.

For patients in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, we would like to hear your opinion of the DESMOND course and, even if you have not yet experienced this course, what support you would find useful when newly diagnosed with diabetes. For Leicester city patients, we would also like to hear your opinions of the Integrated Community Diabetes Service and what you would expect from such a service.”

The survey will close on the 12th June 2015.