West Leicestershire CCG event to inform patients about local health services

West Leicestershire CCG event to inform patients about local health services

25th August 2016

The organisation which commissions NHS services in West Leicestershire, West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), is inviting residents to find out more about local health services and how they are run.

The event will take place on Tuesday 20 September 2016, at Burleigh Court, Loughborough LE11 3GR, starting at 5pm with registration, refreshments and an exhibition of local providers and services.

This is a chance for residents of the area to hear how the CCG is improving the quality of care for patients in a lively interactive format.
Toby Sanders, Managing Director of West Leicestershire CCG said “Our AGM and Conference is an important way for us to share what we have done in West Leicestershire over the past year, showcasing some of the innovative initiatives that have benefited and improved the lives of our patients, and addressing the challenges we have faced. You can also find out about our plans to design and buy patient centred services at a time when there are many new opportunities, but also many challenges and difficult decisions for us to make about the services we buy, and how we do that in partnership with our patients and carers.”

The CCG is organising a health market place and conference to inform attendees about local healthcare services and offer members of the public a chance to talk directly to local health and social care leaders about the CCG’s approach to three key areas of healthcare. This event will also incorporate their Annual General Meeting.

The market place starts at 5PM and will feature stands from local organisations which provide a variety of different health and social care services in North West Leicestershire, Charnwood and Hinckley & Bosworth. This offers the opportunity for residents to have one-to-one discussions with staff as well as find out how services in the area operate.
The AGM and conference begins at 6pm and will include an overview of the last few months and the work which the CCG has undertaken in the past year to improve the population’s health, through developing a strong out-of-hospital care system and improving services. There will also be a look at the future and the challenges facing the NHS.

Following the success of the previous year’s conference, the event will again offer the opportunity for attendees to talk about some of the key issues in health and social care. Clinicians, senior members of the West Leicestershire team and patient representatives will rotate between groups to give presentations and invite discussion on three topics, giving attendees the chance to hear all the presentations. These will be:

• The evolution and revolution of primary care – Hear about some of the innovation already happening in primary care (care delivered by GPs) and how they are working more closely together to deliver better healthcare for patients in the community. Led by local GPs and patient representatives, this workshop will give people the chance to also hear more about some of the new ways of delivering care currently being piloted in the area
• In the vanguard of accessing urgent care in Leicestershire – This workshop will some cover the work being done to improve urgent and emergency care in Leicestershire. People will be able to hear about some of the enhancements planned for NHS 111,and some of the new services helping us to support those with urgent mental health needs.
• Patient experiences driving quality in care homes – Our chief nurse will be presenting the work of the quality team, showing how improving the quality of services for patients is at the heart of everything we do. It will include examples of how we worked with care homes to hear the experiences of staff, residents and their families, and translated those findings into high impact actions which will improve the lives of those resident in care homes, and those who work in them

Mr Sanders continues “At the conference we will be discussing the exciting work being done to transform your local GP services and how access to urgent and emergency care 24/7 is being improved for patients. We will also be looking at the ongoing work that we do to ensure that NHS services locally are safe and how we are working with care homes, GP practices, community health services, social care and many other organisations to ensure that people living in care homes live and die well. This is a chance for people to get involved and find out more about some of the innovation happening in the area, and we hope as many as possible of you are able to attend.”

To register to attend people can visit www.westleicestershireccg.nhs.uk/agm2016 or phone 0116 295 4183.