About us: Our mission, values and goals

About us: Our mission, values and goals


About us: Our mission, values and goals

West Leicestershire CCG was established in 2011 in line with the Health and Social Care Bill (now the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

We are responsible for a population of 384.934 people.  We cover three district council areas of North West Leicestershire, Charnwood and Hinckley and Bosworth.  There are 48 GP practices in our area who play a key role in making clinically-led commissioning a reality.


Our mission is:

Patients, practices and partners working together to create the best value healthcare for West Leicestershire.


Our values:

Democratic – clinically led organisation rooted in member GP practices and localities

Collaborative – at the heart of a network of partnerships with CCGs, local authorities and providers that puts us at the forefront of change

Proactive – by maintain a focus on the things that really make a difference to patients

Adaptable – by responding flexibly to the differing needs of our patients, the clinical evidence base and our operating environment.

Honest – we are willing to confront difficult issues, understand them and make disciplined decisions for the long term

Passionate – we are committed to excellence.


Our goals:

We are committed to continually improve the:

• health and wellbeing of our local population;

• quality of our local health services, and

• way in which our NHS resources (staff, equipment and buildings) are used