Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)


Make a difference with your local PPG

Would you like to get involved with our campaigns and make a difference in the care patients receive?

Your GP surgery has its own small team of people who provide a voice for all the patients on the practice’s list. Known as a Patient Participation Group or a PPG, these groups meet regularly to work with the GPs and staff at the practice to improve the way things are run.

The work of PPGs is invaluable to our work  as a CCG too. The feedback we get from our PPGs help shape the decisions that we make and directly influence the services we commission for all our patients and carers.

PPGs are also involved with raising awareness of health issues in their area, helping the local practice to make an impact in the community by organising events, distributing information and keeping the community healthy, as you’ll see in our coverage of the “Healthy You Happy You” campaign where they made a difference across West Leicestershire.

Every other month PPG members from across West Leicestershire meet to share best practice, hear about the latest updates to services and the work which the CCG is doing to improve healthcare in their area. You can find the notes and information from the previous events here.

If you would like to get involved as a PPG member please ask at your GP surgery for further details, they’d be pleased to have you!

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