Pharmacy services

Pharmacy services


Pharmacy services

More than just prescriptions

Pharmacists, or chemists, are experts in medicines and how they work and play a key part in providing healthcare to patients. They can help you decide whether or not you need to see a GP and you can talk to them in confidence about your symptoms, without an appointment.

Your local pharmacy can offer the following services:

  • prescription dispensing (including repeat prescriptions)
  • safe disposal of unwanted medicines
  • health and lifestyle advice, such as help to quit smoking, losing weight and lowering blood pressure
  • suggesting where to go for further support, advice or treatment
  • advice about, and treatment of, minor ailments and conditions without prescription

Some pharmacists also offer additional services including:

  • help with treating long term conditions, such as diabetes, coronary heart problems and asthma
  • sit down, face to face advice on how to use your medication properly
  • providing emergency contraception

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