Urgent Care Centres

Urgent Care Centres


Visit Urgent Care Centres across West Leicestershire 

In West Leicestershire and the surrounding areas we have several Urgent Care Centres which you can visit if you have an urgent, but non-life threatening need. At these centres you’ll be seen quickly by a clinician and they can treat a wide variety of urgent conditions.

A typical condition which might be treated in an urgent care centre are sport injuries and falls. For example, if you have fallen off your bike and suffered cuts and bruises or possibly you landed on your shoulder and now you can’t move your arm properly, an Urgent Care Centre would be the right place for you. The can check your cuts and give you stitches if you need them, and also reset dislocated limbs. Some urgent care centres can also perform x-rays and set broken bones. Other examples include animal bites, as urgent care centres can give tetanus shots as well as cleaning and stitching wounds.

As we’ve said above though, the NHS does not expect you to assess the severity of your condition and always be aware of what can be treated where. If in doubt, call 111 and they will be able to direct you to the best place to visit, and can make appointments to ensure you are seen as quickly as possible.

You can find your closest urgent care centre by clicking here to see our list or using the NHS Choices Urgent Care Centre finder.

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