Self-Help Groups

Self-help groups for patients and carers.

On these pages we have brought together the contact details for a range of local self-help groups with a special interest in health topics. 

Support groups like these can often provide information and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other patients, as well as their carers, about the challenges of managing a variety of health conditions. 

Please use the search box below or the navigation bar on the left to find the one that's most appropriate for you. 

While we hope you find this information helpful, we cannot be held responsible for the content of the websites provided by these groups nor any information they may give you.

Although we endeavour to keep this section as up to date as possible, we strongly recommend that you call any grup to check the details before attending.

If you are part of a voluntary or not-for-profit self-help group that you believe we should add to our database or would like to update your contact details, please complete our online form by clicking here.

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Latest Self-Help Groups

The Glenmore Centre
Thorpe Rd
LE12 9LU
01509 650662