Designing improvements to care homes

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Over the course of 2016 we visited care homes across the West Leicestershire area to talk to staff, residents and their families about what matters most to them, and listened to their experiences of care and caring.

This is part of our work to look at the current care home provision and services in the area, how services are being delivered and if there are improvements that can be made in order to make sure that people living in care homes in the area live and die well.

  pdf View the presentation from the care homes event on 30th June 2016

  pdf View the high impact actions 1

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We’ve spoken to a wide range of people, including residents of both residential and nursing homes as well as their families, and at the homes visited we were able to talk to a great cross section of staff, not only nursing and care staff, but everyone who works in the home and contributes to making care homes run safely. This included domiciliary staff, chefs, events co-ordinators, HCAs, managers and registered nurses so we could make sure that the experiences of all of those who support the service are represented. We also spoke to staff in primary care including GPs and district nurses who visit care homes.

In total we visited 20 homes over the course of four months to talk to 188 people from staff, residents and their families.

To share these findings, and with a range of partners, improve the experiences of residents, family and staff alike, we held a workshop event, at the Link Hotel on 30 June It was a really interactive session with over 100 participants attending from health and social care, staff from residential and nursing homes, as well as residents and their families and generated some really useful discussions. 

The findings from our research were presented, and then discussed at tables so that attendees could share what resonated with their own experiences and what surprised them. It was fantastic to have such a lively discussion and find out the views from everyone close to care homes.

Following the discussions around the insights, we moved on to a set of high impact actions which were identified from the research and which, if implemented, could address making improvements to residents’ lives and another set of  actions aimed at improving residents’ health and care, both of which you can see below.

You can find out more about these actions and the insight behind them, by downloading the presentations above.

We are now working with partners to take forward improvements for the benefit of our local population.