The conversations in Hinckley

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In October 2014, West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) started a conversation with local people living in and around Hinckley asking them “What needs to happen so that community health services in Hinckley support people to keep well and recover as fully as possible.”

We talked to patients in the two hospitals in Hinckley who were day visitors attending appointments or receiving treatment or who were in for a longer stay.  We gathered people’s real experience of care – both carers and patients.  

We also talked to people in a range of community settings ranging from a young carer group and English for Speakers of Other Language group to patient participations groups and GP practices teams. Along with this we have also heard from front line teams whose experience of delivering care directly influences the quality of care and outcomes. 

Click on the infographics below to read some of the things we heard during our research


Some of the things we heard were that health issues are getting in the way of people living and working.  People want to feel more in control and independent. Also maintaining emotional wellbeing and exercising keeps people well; some struggle with it -especially those who work.  Their GP practice and family and friends are most people’s main source of support with health issues and help preserve independence.  People living with long term health issues rely on hospital teams too. People want closer relationships and more continuity of care with hospitals teams and in general practice. Hospitals, community and general practice teams want to know each other and have closer relationships. 

Some staff told us that reliable building services, old equipment and the existing environment made the job or providing high quality services to patients increasingly difficult.

It is also fair to say that many people told us they would actually change very little about the quality of the healthcare they received in Hinckley.

In December 2014 we shared this knowledge at two events attended by residents of Hinckley and its surrounding areas, staff, patients and carers. Click here to find out more about those events.