Creating the shared vision

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We held two events to share our findings and then worked with patients, carers, staff and other local people to develop a shared vision of what community health services in Hinckley could look like in the future.  They answered a key question – What needs to happen so we have the right community health services in Hinckley for tomorrow?                                      

This vision was set in the context of the considerable consequences that we know an ageing population will have on services particularly the increase in people with long term or chronic health conditions for which there are currently no cure, and in turn the impact this will have on planned care, community beds and the use of buildings.

The vision includes the current situation and the goal for the year 2017 and the bold steps that people at the event believe needs to be taken to achieve positive change.  It shows a positive possible future as a combination of systems, facilities and services which people believe could offer the best outcomes for the residents of Hinckley and surrounding area that need to be achieved by 2017.  People added their names to the vision to show their support for the plan going forward. The image below represents the vision.                                       

The vision will help us to design in partnership with the public, options for change – options that really represent what the local community has told us. 

This isn’t the end of the story though. We want you to look at the vision and let us know if you agree, and if you have anything to add. Click here to let us know what you think, or watch the video below to hear about what some of the attendees to the event thought.

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