Turning our shared vision into potential scenarios

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Following the creation of our vision for services our next step was to go back to the wider population of Hinckley and Bosworth and ask people if they felt that it represented what they wanted from community health services and if there was anything that they wanted to add.

We undertook a roadshow, visiting both hospital sites, community centres, libraries, GP practices, local health and wellbeing support groups and many other locations across the area talking to over 1000 members of the public about the vision for health services. All the feedback from these events was recorded and used to inform the work happening at the CCG.

After the completion of the roadshow events, we developed what we at the CCG saw as the potential scenarios for how we could deliver care in the future in Hinckley. This work was fully informed by the patient insights gathered so far as well as the detailed research into the buildings available, the financial picture and the wider work of Better Care Together.

To ensure that these scenarios truly represented the views that we had heard from Hinckley and Bosworth residents we had them independently reviewed to make sure that everything had been taken into account. Through this work we developed the ten principles for change, which sum up what residents, staff and carers told us matters most to them.

  1. A happy workforce, working in new ways and realising their full potential

  2. Citizen or person-centred outcomes

  3. Equal focus on mental and physical well-being  

  4. Positive care experience (relationship centred)  

  5. Focus on prevention

  6. Fit for purpose, safe, inspiring buildings

  7. Integrated, co-ordinated support (health and social care; voluntary sector)

  8. Community based services, wherever possible

  9. Financially sustainable (even if it means difficult decisions)

  10. Family carers and patients as equal partners in care, wellbeing and change (holding providers to account)

With these principles in mind, we took the next step in our review of community health services in Hinckley and Bosworth at the beginning of October 2015, where we held an event where we worked jointly with patients, carers and frontline staff to hear their feedback on the possible scenarios of how we could deliver community care.

Find out more about the event here