NHS scheme for women with learning disabilities to be able to access a cervical smear test

On Saturday the 21st of March Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust plan to run an open clinic for women with learning disabilities at Leicester General Hospital to have a cervical smear. They are running this project in conjunction with the colposcopy service. They are looking at different ways to increase the uptake of screening. This approach has recently seen a high level of success for women in the general population.


  • They plan to meet with the ladies in January to provide an education and awareness session, this will be the start of helping the women to make an informed decision and understand the process and the risks of cervical cancer
  • They will meet with them again in February to show them around the room and equipment at the Leicester General and to meet the team who will be doing the smear. They plan to run the clinic on a Saturday so that they can have exclusive use of the department and a suite of rooms and staff. They plan to make it a friendly relaxed environment where the women will be supported by ourselves and their carers and where they will also have peer support from the women they will have previously met at the January session
  • They will also be available for 1:1 conversations and to answer any queries and questions leading up to the 21st of March to help the women and their carers continue the education and awareness


Do you know of anyone who you think might be appropriate for this supported cervical screening project?

Ideally the person needs to be thought to have capacity to consent, although this will be explored in the sessions they do with the women to help consent women on the 21st. They can be women who have never had a smear and think they might like to try or for women who have previously had one but not returned to general practice for any subsequent smears. Please contact LPT directly (contact details are below) by no later than the first week of January in order for them to make contact and start the ball rolling. They will need to check with the persons GP as soon as their name is put forward that they are eligible/within the time frame for needing a smear.

Contact Person 

Siouxie Nelson

Learning Disability Primary Care Liaison Nurse

Mobile: 07500 993 864

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.