New x-ray facilities to open in Hinckley

The new x-ray facility in Hinckley and District Hospital has opened (8 April) to see patients following a referral from their doctor.

The building work is now complete and the new state of the art equipment has been installed.

Helen Mather, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Alliance Director said: “The new £200,000 room is a state of the art, fully motorised, Digital X-ray unit. It gives excellent image quality, low radiation doses and enables patients to be seen more quickly.

”It has been made possible through funding and support from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, following the closure of the previous x-ray service in September last year when it was deemed unsafe for staff to use.

West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was also allocated £8m last year by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to improve community services in Hinckley and Bosworth.

The detailed plans and business case for this investment are progressing through NHS England and Improvement approval process. Public consultation on the proposed changes can then take place.

Helen continued: “The new x-ray equipment has been installed in the same location as the previous x-ray facility, but it can be readily transferred to its proposed new location in Hinckley Health Centre as and when appropriate. We look forward to welcoming patients to the new facility and receiving their feedback.”

Spencer Gay, Chief Finance Officer, West Leicestershire CCG commented on the longer term plans for Hinckley: “We were pleased when our proposals to improve community health services in Hinckley received the investment we needed. We still remain committed to creating a modern, fit-for-purpose environment in which to receive and provide high quality of care.

“Since receiving the support for funding we have been working hard to finalise the details of our proposals and, with our partners, working through the NHS England and Improvement assurance process.

“We had hoped that, subject to completion of this process, to be in a position to launch a formal public consultation in the next few weeks. Those assurance and approval processes are still ongoing.

“Meanwhile the current Coronavirus outbreak means that the priority for the NHS must, rightly, be on doing everything we can to support patients and care for those most in need during what will be a particularly challenging time.

“The fluidity of the national situation means that we cannot, at this stage, provide details of exact timescales for either approval of our plans or a timeline for formal public consultation. However, we hope that consultation may be able to commence during the latter part of the year - though this will have to be kept under review.

“We remain committed to providing an update on timescales in due course.”