Clinical commissioning policies

Here you will find the latest policies governing health services and treatment that is provided to patients.

This list of policies is not exhaustive and will be updated as and when new policies are published or when existing policies are revised. These policies are currently under review.

On this basis it is imperative that you discuss any potential treatments with your GP or hospital consultant, to check whether that particular treatment can be funded. This is because not all treatments are covered by a policy,  there are some treatments that are classed as ‘not routinely funded’.

East Midlands Cosmetic Procedures Policy 2014

This policy sets out both cosmetic procedures that are not normally commissioned and those that are only commissioned when certain criteria are met.

Fertility Treatment Policies

Individual Funding Requests Policy

This policy covers requests for treatment or medication that are not routinely provided by the NHS.

Planned Care Policies

This document is intended for the use of clinicians and covers the threshold for referral to secondary care for the following conditions and procedures:

  • Tonsillectomy

  • Opthalmology: Cataract (first and second eye)

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Hips and Knee replacements

  • Dyspepsia: endoscopy

  • Asymptomatic Cholecystectomy

  • Rectal Bleeding

  • Myringotomy with or without grommets

  • Management of heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Patients are advised to always speak to their GP in the first instance, as any referral to secondary care must come from a GP.

Travelling Abroad for Healthcare

  • Overseas visitors to the UK

The overseas visitors regulations explain when persons who are not normally resident in the United Kingdom will be charged for services provided, under the National Health Service Act 2006.

You can read more about this on the NHS Choices website

You can read the legislation regarding the Immigration Health Charge on the legislation website

  • Assisted conception (fertility treatment)

On 21st August 2017, an amendment to the legislation came into force, whereby assisted conception services will no longer be available free of charge for patients who pay the
immigration health surcharge. Read this amendment for more information.

  • UK residents who wish to travel abroad for healthcare

If you are a UK resident and you wish to travel aboard to obtain health care, there is information on the points you should consider, on the NHS England website.

For many treatments, NHS funding will only be available if there has been prior approval or certain clinical criteria are met. Therefore you are advised to speak to your GP to confirm eligibility, before you arrange for treatment to take place. If the relevant criteria are not met, funding may be refused.

Other policies

2018 Equity and Choice Policy

The new 2018 Equity and Choice Policy replaces the 2011 Settings of Care Policy that was previously in place. Read the new policy.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Our Conflict of Interest Policy is designed to ensure that any conflicts of interests are identified and managed appropriately.It is the duty of every CCG employee, governing body member, committee or sub-committee member and GP practice member to speak up about genuine concerns in relation to the administration of the CCG's policy on conflicts of interest management and to report these concerns. The attached log contains a record of CCG breaches of the Conflicts of Interest Policy. Currently the CCG has no breaches to record and therefore is declaring a nil return. Download the conflicts of interest breach log.

Detailed Financial policies

Details of our financial policies. View the West Leicestershire CCG's detailed financial policy

Gifts & Hospitality

The CCG’s Gifts & Hospitality Policy sets out the responsibilities of all CCG employees and members of the CCG Board when offered gifts, hospitality and forms of sponsorship, and advises them to consider fully the implications of their actions. In line with the Policy, the CCG maintains a gifts and hospitality register, which you can find in our registers section.

Raising Concerns at Work (Whistleblowing) Policy

This document details the process and our policies for employees raising a concern at work.

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

As both a local leader in commissioning health care services for the population of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and as an employer, NHS West Leicestershire CCG is required to provide a statement in respect of its commitment to, and efforts in, preventing slavery and human trafficking practices in the supply chain and employment practices for 2016/17. View our modern slavery statement for more information.