Strategies and plans

Current strategies and plans

  • Business Continuity Plan

    West Leicestershire CCG has a Business Continuity Plan in place which is used to assist in the continuity and recovery of the CCG in the event of an unplanned disruption. A disruption could be any event which threatens personnel, buildings or operational capacity and requires special measures to be taken to restore normal service. The plan sets out the roles, responsibilities and actions to be taken by the CCG to enable continuity and recovery of the key parts of the service following a significant disruption.

  • Operational Plan 2017/18 - 2018/19

    This Operational Plan for 2017/18 and 2018/19 sets out how Leicester City CCG; East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG; and West Leicestershire CCG will work together with provider and local authority partners to deliver the next two years of the STP. View the document.

    West Leicestershire CCG  Operational Plan on a Page 2017/19

    West Leicestershire CCG has developed an operational plan on a page, aligned with the LLR Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

  • Delivering the Five Year Forward View for General Practice

    Primary medical care is the foundation of a high performing health care system and as such is critical to the successful implementation of the LLR Sustainability and Transformation Plan. Working with the other CCGs in the area, we developed a plan which explains how we will work together to jointly tackle the challenges facing primary care and deliver the Five Year Forward View for General Practice. Download our blueprint for general practice which details the work we have done and download the delivery plan.

  • Community Services Plan

    In response to the NHS Five Year Forward View and our local landscape, this plan sets out how community services are to be redesigned within the context of the Better Care Together Plan, and the sister strategy, the Primary Medical Care Plan, which you can find below. View the document.

  • Future in Mind Strategy 2021 – 2022

    ‘Future in Mind’ Promoting Protecting and Improving our Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing is a national initiative based on transforming children and young people services. In response to this, local partners from across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland, have refreshed the children and young people’s transformation plan.

    Over the last year we have faced exceptional challenges due to the Covid pandemic and whilst ensuring we maintained access to services  through innovative blended models of care, prioritised those in need of urgent care and redeployed staff, we have successfully implemented new services and enhanced existing services to meet the needs of C&YP in LLR.

    We implemented;

    • Triage and Navigation Service
    • 24/7 Mental Health Central Access Point
    • 24/7 Mental Health Urgent Care Hub
    • Increased provision for C&YP presenting with complex needs in crisis
    • Increased provision for C&YP with an eating disorder by implementing Home Treatment Pilot
    • Expanded the Early Intervention Service
    • Implemented Online Self help portal for University students
    • Implemented Community Chill Out Zone

    The collaborative refreshed plan 2021 – 2022 builds on last year’s ambitions and sets out our forward planning to continue to transform C&YP Emotional, mental health and wellbeing services as an integrated care system (ICS).

    A key focus of our work in 2021/ 22 as we transition to an Integrated Care System (ICS) will be to strengthen the alignment of our C&YP emotional mental health and wellbeing (EMHWB) transformation plan. The ICS will be formed to enable true integration with partners and to develop collaborative responsibility for managing resources, delivering care, and improving C&YP EMHWB across LLR’s system, places and neighbourhoods

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our provider partners, colleagues, stakeholders, schools and, in particular our local C&YP and families for their continued dedicated support and contributions over the past year, and for the energy they bring to help shape local provision for all C&YP across LLR.


    Appendix 1 Impact of Covid Report 2020

    Appendix 2 health 4 teens YAB review

    Appendix 3 Patient Parent Experience Summary- Apr 19-Mar 2020

    Appendix 4 July 2020 COVID BLM edition

    Appendix 5 Kooth Online Feedback 20-21

    Appendix 6 Finance plan

    Appendix 7 Professionals Service Directory

    Appendix 7a CYP Service Directory

    Appendix 8 ACES Team – Emerging Findings

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    FIM Refresh Easier Read Version 2021 designed to make it easy for people that like to read with high resolution formatted text and graphics

  • Primary Medical Care Plan

    In 2014 we worked with our practices and stakeholders to develop a Primary Medical Care Plan that clearly set out the CCG’s ambition for the development of general practice over the next five years. View the Primary Medical Care Plan from 2014.

  • LLR Carers Strategy 2018 - 2021

    What is a carer?

    A carer provides ongoing support to a relative, friend or neighbour who, due to ill health, long term condition or disability cannot manage without their help. Carers can be any age or sex, from all backgrounds and communities

    For some, taking on a caring role can be sudden: someone in your family has an accident or your child is born with a disability. For others, caring responsibilities can grow gradually over time: your parents can’t manage on their own any longer or your partner’s mental or physical health gradually worsens.

    The amount and type of support that carers provide varies considerably. It can range from a few hours a week, such as picking up prescriptions and preparing meals, to providing emotional support or personal care day and night.

    Caring will touch each and every one of us in our lifetime, whether we become a carer or need care ourselves. While caring can be a rewarding experience, it can also have a huge impact on a person’s health, finances and relationships.

    Joint Carers Strategy 2018 - 2021

    For further information on the Joint Carers Strategy 2018-2021 visit:

Past strategies and plans

  • Investment of retained funds

    Details of our plans for investment of retained funds for 2015/16. View these records.

  • Operational Plan 2014/15 and 2015/16

    Our CCG is the patients’ advocate, here to secure high quality health and social care services for people in need. In 2014 we launched our Operational Plan 2014/15 and 2015/16 which set out our plans for those two years.