West Leicestershire CCG board and committees

CCG Governing Body

The CCG is held to account by a Governing Body (the Board), which is responsible for the CCG strategy, financial control and probity, risk management, oversight and assurance, and for deciding which services to commission to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of West Leicestershire. In addition, the Board has a role to help improve the quality of locally delivered primary care services. 

The Governing Body meets in public on the second Tuesday of every month. 


Meet the Board

Board meetings and Board papers

pdf Board Terms of Reference 


A number of other Committees of the Governing Body have been established.  These are:

Audit Committee

Finance & Planning Committee

Primary Care Commissioning Committee (meetings and papers)

Procurement and Investment Committee

Quality & Performance Committe

Remuneration Committee

System Leadership Team (SLT)


The Board and Committees are advised by a Conflicts of Interest Screening Panel, which identifies and makes recommendations as to how to manage any conflicts of interest which may arise.


Other meetings:

East Midlands Affiliated Commissioning Committee


LLR-wide groups and Boards

In addition to the above committees we also have two collaborative groups in which the CCGs in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland come together. 

Performance Provider Assurance Group

Commissioning Committee